A number of educators and service providers offers programs, newsletters, videos, and online trading rooms to help traders gain proficiency in using the Market Profile. The following listings are for educators and service providers who use and/or are familiar with WindoTrader’s functionality.

CAVEAT: Because each educator and service provider is unique and offers different types of support, we recommend you exercise your own due diligence to determine who can best support you in advancing your trading.

Dan Gramza: Trader, author and educator. Dan has educated traders in over 450 institutions in 35 countries focused on Candlesticks, the Market Profile, and Technical Analysis. 
Damon Pavlatos: Trader, educator, broker and software designer. Damon supports traders in capitalizing on their trade execution platforms as a risk and management tool.
Jim Dalton: Trader and educator. Jim educational offerings focus on using the Market Profile. Jim is the author of two books: Mind over Markets and Markets in Profile.
Josh Schuler: Trader and educator. Josh provides several programs for traders on how to incorporate the Market Profile as a key part of their trading.
Linda Bradford Raschke: Trader, author, and educator. Linda, a market wizard featured in Jack Schwager's book, has educated traders in 22 countries for three decades.
Peter Reznicek: Trader and educator: Peter focus is on the short-term trading of options and futures using Technical Analysis, Market Profile, and Market Internals.
‘Pipe’ Argutto: Trader and educator. ‘Pipe’ helps traders using the Market Profile and day- trading Energy Market Futures on a daily basis through his trading room.
Tom Incorvia: Trader and educator. Tom, a former hedge fund manager, has traded since the early 1980’s and uses the Market Profile to trade equities and ETF’s.
Trader Performance Authority: Brett Steenbarger, is a trader’s performance enhancement authority and the author of: The Psychology of Trading, Enhancing Trader Performance, The Daily Trading Coach, and his latest book, Trading Psychology 2.0.