WindoTrader, in its ongoing quest to support traders gaining proficiency in the use of the Market Profile in their trading, offers the following list of educators who use or are familiar with the functionality of WindoTrader.

Please note, while this list is not complete as to all of the educators who focus on the Market Profile, they are the primary ones that our subscribers use and/or follow to gain increase their proficiency in using the Market Profile in their trading.

CAVEAT: WindoTrader receives no compensation from these individuals or their firms. WindoTrader recommends that subscribers interested in the services of one or more of these educators / providers perform their own due diligence.

Brett SteenBarger Brett is an author, trading performance enhancement Author of several books in the field, including The Psychology of Trading, Enhancing Trader Performance, The Daily Trading Coach, and his latest book, Trading Psychology 2.0: From Best Practices to Best Processes.

Learn more about Brett by going here.

Dan Gramza
DMG Advisors, LLC
Dan, President of Gramza Capital Management, Inc. and DMG Advisors, LLC, is a trader and educator to domestic and international clients. Dan presents worldwide public and private courses on Essential Mental Techniques for Traders, Japanese Candle Analysis, and the Market Profile.

Learn more about Dan by going here.

Damon Pavlatos
FuturePath, LLC

Since starting in 1978, Damon has gained experience as a trader, educator, broker, and software designer. Through his companies, FuturePath Trading LLC and PhotonTrader, Damon supports traders in capitalizing on their trade execution platforms as a risk and management tool.

Learn more about FuturePath, LLC by going here.

Jim Dalton
Jim Dalton Trading
Jim is the author of two seminal books on Market Profile Trading, Mind over Markets and Markets in Profile. Jim is a discretionary trader, educator, and long-time proponent of employing the Market Profile to facilitate trading and turn observations into probability-based trading decisions.

Learn more about Jim Dalton Trading by going here.

Linda Bradford Raschke
LBR Group
Linda Bradford Raschke, a market wizard featured in Jack Schwager's book, The New Market Wizards and her own book, Street Smarts, is both an exceptional trader and educator. She has lectured on trading in over 22 different countries over the past three decades.

Learn more about LBR Group by going here.

Tom Incorvia
Pinnacle Bridge Trading
Tom is the CEO of Pinnacle Bridge Trading and has over 30 years’ of experience as a trader, educator and running an institutional equity trading desk to becoming a hedge fund manager. Tom’s strategy the synthesis of the Market Profile, equities and ETF’s for a longer time horizon. 

Learn more about Pinnacle Bridge Trading by going here.

Peter Reznicek
Peter has actively traded since 2000 and educating traders since 2006 as the founder and Chief Strategist of ShadowTrader. Peter’s main focus is on short term directional trading of options and futures using a synthesis of technical analysis, market profile, and market internals. 

Learn more about ShadowTrader by going here.

‘Pipe’ Chris Argutto
The Efficient Trader
Chris is an experienced trader and founder of, a Market Profile Futures Trading Room. His goal, through his trading room is to help traders use time, price, and volume to make higher-probability trading decisions.

Learn more about The Efficient Trader by going here.

Josh Schuler
Trade With Profile
Josh, the CEO of Trader With Profile, provides several programs for traders opting to learn about and incorporate the Market Profile as a key part of their approach. Josh’s programs are based on his journey to become a consistently profitable full-time trader.

Learn more about Trade With Profile by going here.