Market Profile Software Providers

Market Profile software is an essential ‘tool’ for traders using the Market Profile, in two primary ways by supporting traders in: 
  • Interpreting market generated information via the Market Profile graphic.  
  • Making informed, higher-probability trading decisions regarding trade location and risk management.
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Look into the many variations of Market Profile software applications provided by the following vendors to decide which one fits you best:

  • Cap Flow (Steidlmayer Software, Inc.)
  • CQG
  • CTS
  • DTN
  • eSignal
  • Investor/RT
  • Macrograph
  • Market Delta
  • NinjaTrader
  • PhotonTrader
  • Sierra Chart
  • TradeMaven
  • TradeStation
  • Trading Technologies
  • WindoTraderBLUE
NOTICE:  We have attempted to provide a comprehensive list of all providers of the Market Profile graphic but cannot guarantee we have listed all of them.  If we have omitted ones that you feel we should have included, please e-mail their contact information and we will gladly add them to this listing: