Video Archive

WindoTrader's Video Archive is a collection of recorded webinars and videos offered with the explicit purpose of stimulating your 'what if' thinking.
 We encourage you to use the ideas offered in these videos to challenge the current state of what you're doing.  

Videos:  Facilitated by the WindoTrader Team include:

Trading Software and the Anchor Trade Concept:  A discussion of the concept of the Anchor Trade and how it has the potential to be a foundational component in developing consistent profitability as a trader.

Trading Software and 'Key Decision Zones':  A look into different ways Key Decision Zones support traders in identifying potential areas where the market has a high-probability of pausing before continuing in its original direction or reversing direction.

Gain an Edge Webinar Series:  Learn how WindoTraderBLUE enhances your ability to interpret the Market Profile.

Videos:  Facilitated by Guest Presenters:

'A Day in the Life of a Trader' by internationally recognized Market Profile educator, Jim Dalton.  In this video Jim talks about what he does to prepare for the open, what he does during a trading session, and what he does after the close.

'Creating a Trading Plan' by Tim Racette, professional trader and educator.  Tim discusses not only the main points made in his e-book on 'Creating a Trading Plan' but also the 'why' behind several of the items he feels are most important in designing a trading plan.