Guest Webinars

To support WindoTraderBLUE Subscribers and members of the WindoTrader Community in their learning processes, WindoTrader sponsors guest webinars. Guest webinar presenters are invited based on recommendations offered by WindoTraderBLUE Subscribers. Current guest presenter webinars:

The Impact of Long-Term Context on Short-Term Trading by Mark Simmons

As most traders know, the market is comprised on multiple timeframes; long-term, intermediate term, short-term, day, and scalp.

Based on the conventional wisdom that 'higher timeframes rule', Mark will demonstrate the results of his studies on the impact of long-term distributions on short-term trading. He will show how levels derived from these distributions provide understandable context for all traders of all timeframes.

Presenter: Mark Simmons is an experienced, multi-timeframe trader, a thought-leader, and a key member of the WindoTrader Advisory Council.


The Development and Application of Key Decision Zones with Jim Dalton


This two-part presentation by Jim Dalton focuses on:

First, how to identify and interpret potential Key Decision Zones. Those levels or areas where the market has a high probability of visiting within various timeframes.

Second, based on the success of Jim and Julia’s first Online Intensive, Jim will share several principles and concepts that made a real difference in the trading of the participants.



Perfection Is Killing Your Trading


The WindoTrader Team is proud to sponsor this special webinar featuring Matt Davio on the topic of: ‘Perfection is Killing Your Trading’.

Matt is the founder of the Market Profile Trading Academy and MissTrade. He has traded futures, commodities, equities, and equity options since the early 1990’s.

During the past 20 plus years, in addition to being an active trader, he worked at both Peak 6 Investments and Parallax Fund before starting his own fund.

He relocated to Bend, Oregon to spend more time with his family who are all active in sports ranging from downhill skiing to soccer, and football to Lacrosse. When he’s not trading or mentoring, you will find him outdoors enjoying all that eastern Oregon has to offer.

Today’s presentation will be on Perfection: How timeframe selection helps overcome perfection, trading less helps you earn more, and how to develop and manage ‘patience’.

Attendance is limited so register early for this special presentation!


Combining the Market's Auction Process and Technical Analysis

Linda Bradford Raschke, CTA is the president of LBRGroup, Inc. and LBR Asset Management, a hedge fund which has been ranked 17th out of 4,500 for best 5-year performance by BarclaysHedge.

Linda was interviewed and recognized in Jack Schwager′s critically acclaimed book, The New Market Wizards, and is the co-author of Street Smarts—High Probability Short-Term Trading Strategies. She has been featured in dozens of financial publications and radio and financial television programs, as well as a past board member of the Market Technicians Association, and a past president of the American Association of Professional Technical Analysts.

Learn how you can enhance your ability to interpret market structure and Market Profile patterns and shapes using WindoTraderBLUE with Jim Dalton.

Jim Dalton’s three-part video series "A Day in the Life of a Trader" by Jim Dalton, internationally recognized Market Profile educator ( In this webinar Jim addresses three key areas:

  • How he prepares for a trading session by understanding the context of the cur-rent market .
  • How he uses overnight extremes and inventory in his preparation.
  • How he uses the Market Profile to gain insight into the developing session.

Jim is the author of the two of the best-selling books on the Market Profile, Mind over Markets, and Markets in Profile, which are available through Amazon

Day in the Life of a Trader - Part I

Day in the Life of a Trader - Part II

Day in the Life of a Trader -  Part III

"Creating a Trading Plan" by Tim Racette, professional trader and educator, (  This webinar was based on Tim's e-book of the same name and is available on his website on a complimentary basis.  Several of the topics Tim discusses in this presentation include:

  • The mission and goals of the trader.
  • Market Theory and Methodologies.
  • Business Management.

'Trading is Simple . . . when the mind is not complex' by Dr. Ken Celiano and Mark Paulik of EvenKeel Trading

Throughout this webinar both Ken and Mark addressed Ken and Mark the role the mind plays is both directing and effecting the behavior and actions of the trader. Specific topics included:

  • An insightful look inside the statement 'Plan the Trade / Trade the Plan'
  • The difference between Conventional Knowledge and Refined Wisdom
  • The inner workings of 'Poised 2 Perform', the proprietary process they developed to help their clients achieve their target results

My Theory of Trading by Jeff Quinto

In this webinar Jeff explains his Theory of Trading to help you design your own theory as the foundation of your trading.