WindoTraderBLUE FAQ

What can WindoTraderBLUE do for me?

Since we don't know your personal situation or methodology, here are few of the benefits WindoTraderBLUE provides:

  • A framework that lets you build Market Profile and other types of displays the way you want.
  • 'Big picture' and detailed views of market activity to help you make better trading decisions.
  • Support processes to assist you in capitaizing on WindoTraderBLUE's versatile functionality.
  • Multiple types of resources focused on to advance your trading and your life beyond your trading
  • Access to our team of experienced individuals committed to helping you go further, faster.

Caveat: WindoTraderBLUE's value does not rest in it being the solution -- Its value rests in Your Ability to 'build' the displays that 'fit' you and your methodology, timeframes, and trading style.

To take a video tour of WindoTraderBLUE, please go here.

To schedule a personally guided tour of WindoTraderBLUE with a WindoTrader Team member, please request a demo on our home page.

Does WindoTraderBLUE work with stocks and/or Forex?

WindoTraderBLUE will work with all equities and Forex symbols, as long as they are provided by your chosen data vendor.

Is there a free trial of WindoTraderBLUE?

We do not offer a trial program for WindoTraderBLUE because, in our experience, learning a new application -- especially one based on a specific educational concept and on one's personal style, requires an investment of time and energy. And, if the required time and energy are not invested, it is highly improbable that the application will be given a fair evaluation. For example, how many of us have acquired exercise equipment on a trial basis and returned it because we found we didn't have the commitment to make it part of our wellness process? To help you learn more about WindoTraderBLUE, including if and how it can benefit you in using the Market Profile with your trading, we offer the following options:

A video tour of WindoTraderBLUE, please go here.

A personally guided tour of WindoTraderBLUE with a WindoTrader Team member, request a demo on our home page.

Can I run WindoTraderBLUE on my multiple monitor desktop and laptop?

Yes, but you can only be active on one at a time.

Does WindoTraderBLUE support Technical Analysis charting, indicators, and oscillators?

WindoTraderBLUE, in addition to its Market Profile displays, has most of the common technical analysis types of charts (OHLC, Candlesticks, Histograms or Volume Profiles, and Volume at Price).

WindoTraderBLUE does not have traditional indicators and oscillators.

What are the minimum hardware and software requirements for WindoTraderBLUE?

CPU / OS / Memory Requirements

  • Dual Core CPU minimum, i5, i7 or later
  • 8 GB RAM (more is better)
  • Windows 7 or later (64-bit with Service Packs and Updates Required)
    Broadband access to Internet
  • Approved Data Provider (DTN, e-Signal, CTS and Barchart)

Video Requirements:

  • DirectX version - Must be greater than or equal to 9.0.
  • Video RAM - Must be greater than or equal to 512MB.
  • Pixel shader - Version level must greater than or equal to 2.0.
  • Vertex shader - Version level must greater than or equal to 2.0.
  • Multitexture units - Number of units must greater than or equal to 4.

Note: Almost all video cards manufactured after 2010 meet these requirements

What types of traders benefit most from your software and services?

Two types:

  • Traders experienced with and/or learning to use the Market Profile in their trading.
  • Discretionary traders who make their trading decisions based on their interpretation of the market's auction process and overall market generated information.

What type of support do you provide?

To learn more about our Subscriber Support Services, please go here.

What data providers work with your software?

We presently support four Data Providers: DTN's IQFeed, Cunningham Trading Systems (CTS), eSignal and BarChart

What is the difference between WindoTraderBLUE and WindoTraderBLUE Lite?

Please see our product comparison to evaulate the differences between these two products

How do I subscribe?

  • To subscribe to WindoTraderBLUE, go here.
  • To subscribe to WindoTraderBLUE Lite, go here.


Rather than spending the time building my own charts, is there any service offered to create custom charts to suit my trading style for me?

Yes, one subscriber began offering chart customization services for a fee.  You can visit his website and find his contact information at