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WindoTraderBLUE Subscriptions: $285/month
WindoTraderBLUE Lite Subscriptions: $150/month

WindoTraderBLUE’s minimum system requirements:
  • Approved Data Provider (Barchart, CTS, DTN, or e-Signal),
  • CPU / OS / Memory Requirements: Dual Core CPU, 4 GB RAM, 64-bit OS, Vista, or Windows 7, 8 or later (Service Packs and Updates Required), Broadband access to Internet
  • Video Requirements: DirectX version - Must be greater than or equal to 9.0., Video RAM - Must be greater than or equal to 512MB, Pixel shader - Version level must greater than or equal to 2.0, Vertex shader -Version level must greater than or equal to 2.0, and Multitexture units - Number of units must greater than or equal to 4.
Your WindoTraderBLUE Subscription includes Personal Phone and/or Online Support for:
  • Your installation and initial setup of WindoTraderBLUE on single or multiple systems.
  • Your orientation and walk-through focused on getting you operational immediately.
  • Support in the configuration of your initial displays based on your methodology.
  • Installing and modifying provided Subscriber Templates in our Gallery.
Your WindoTraderBLUE Subscription includes Online Support for:
  • Gaining proficiency with WindoTraderBLUE (A four-part video series including checklist).
  • Gain an Edge using WindoTraderBLUE Webinars, RoundTables, and Videos.
  • WindoTrader Forum
Cancellation Policy: Subscriptions to WindoTraderBLUE and WindoTraderBLUE Lite are month-to-month. On-going subscriptions and recurring billings may be cancelled at any time. The cancellation will take place from the next billing period. There are no refunds.

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