Why WindoTraderBLUE

Why WindoTraderBLUE?  There are many reasons.  Here are a few to give you a start in understanding why WindoTraderBLUE might be 'right' for you:

  • WindoTraderBLUE is foundationally based on the principles of the Market Profile.
  • WindoTraderBLUE's unique versatility is designed to support you in interpreting the market's auction process.  This, in turn, helps you make higher-probability, informed trading decisions.  To learn more about how WindoTraderBLUE can potentially benefit you with your trading, go here.
  • WindoTraderBLUE supports multiple time period relationships on a single contract.  For example, on one chart you can display the pit session, the post-pit session, the overnight session, and the pre-open session, the opening session, and the next pit session.  Or, an Asian market session, a European market session, and the US market session.

  • WindoTraderBLUE supports one or more symbols and/or timeframes on a single chart.  For example, here is a 30 year Treasury Bond and the S&P e-mini on the same chart.  Other optional displays could be a longer term bar chart or candlestick display behind short-term Market Profiles, or an S&P e-mini contract behind (or next to) a shorter-term equity contract.

  • WindoTraderBLUE supports multiple session objects on the same chart.  For example, here is a single chart display showing session volume data, a session histogram or volume profile, a collapsed Market Profile, an expanded Market Profile, and time interval U-Bars showing a candlestick, volume at price, and a histogram all for the same time interval.

  • WindoTraderBLUE supports different underlying data sets for individual session objects.  For example, this chart displays three Market Profiles with their value areas, points of control, and coloring based on traditional TPO's, one based on contract volume, and one based on trades.  Also, three candlestick displays, the first based on time, the second based on range, and the third based on contract volume.

  • WindoTraderBLUE supports personalized configurations based on your requirements and preferences as to what's relevant, useable , interpretable, and understandable to you.

  • WindoTraderBLUE is supported by the WindoTrader Team members who are also traders.  We provide support through multiple channels, including installation and orientation sessions, e-mail, telephone, videos, webinars and seminars.

Subscriptions are available for WindoTraderBLUE Lite ($150/mo) and WindoTraderBLUE ($285).  You can view the product comparison here.

To use WindoTraderBLUE you must have an active data feed with one of our supported vendors.  Presently we support DTN's IQFeed, Cunningham Trading Systems (CTS, eSignal and BarChart.

Our Minimum Requirements can be viewed here.


To learn more about WindoTraderBLUE:

To reach us in person and learn more about subscribing to WindoTraderBLUE, please go here or call (702) 800-4628.