WindoTraderBLUE is an extremely versatile trading software application based on the concepts of the Market Profile.

WindoTraderBLUE's Purpose is two-fold: 

First, to support you in increasing your ability to identify, interpret, and evaluate market activity.

Second, to support in 'building' displays that increase your ability to make higher probability trading decisions.

Three ways to learn more about WindoTraderBLUE and how it's Different:  

Scan 'Why WindoTraderBLUE's functionality is designed to help you increase your skills in interpreting market activity, go here.

View Our WindoTraderBLUE Video Tour and learn more about how WindoTraderBLUE's design, the WindoTrader Team, our support, and our Beyond BLUE resources, can help you, please go here to take our Video Tour.

Schedule a 'Personal Demo' to see how WindoTraderBLUE might specifically work for you, we offer our 'You and BLUE' meeting wherein we'll 'build' displays based on your trading methodology and trading style as well as overview various examples of subscriber 'builds'.  To arrange a mutually convenient time for your 'Personal Demo' meeting, go here

WindoTraderBLUE Subscriber Support Services: To help our subscribers capitalize on WindoTraderBLUE's versatility and functionality, we provide multiple channels of support including:

  • Self-study videos, recorded webinars, and print materials.
  • Interactive events such as subscriber forums, webinars, and RoundTables.
  • WindoTraderBLUE's Proficiency Development Series focused on helping you gain proficiency in using WindoTraderBLUE as a decision support tool.  


To reach us in person for answers to your questions about WindoTraderBLUE, how we do things, and the 'why's' behind what we do, go here or call (702) 800-4628.  Thank you.