WindoTraderBLUE Lite

WindoTraderBLUE Lite is a Market Profile based trading application focused on short-term to longer-term contextual market auction information. 

WindoTraderBLUE Lite's Purpose is two-fold and the same as WindoTraderBLUE's: 

First, to support you in increasing your ability to identify, interpret, and evaluate market activity.

Second, to support in 'building' displays that increase your ability to make higher probability trading decisions.

To see a comparison of the differences between WindoTraderBLUE and WindoTraderBLUE Lite, please review our Product Comparison Page here.  To learn more about WindoTraderBLUE Lite, watch the following quick overview of WindoTraderBLUE Lite:

If you're interested in subscribing to WindoTraderBLUE Lite, go and head and Go Here to Subscribe! If you have any further questions, please send them to