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WindoTrader Subscriber Builds: Mike C. (NY)

Today’s ‘build’ is from Mike in NY and is one of the most interesting uses of color, based on his preference for ‘subdued’ colors versus bright colors. As we have talked about on many occasions, everyone is unique and must find what works for them from:

The types of objects (Market Profiles, Candlesticks, OHLC Bars, TPO’s, etc.) to their underlying datasets (Volume at Price, Trade Count, Delta’s, id-Ask, etc.), and the quantity of objects, such as 3 Profiles with different datasets, to the colors and dimensions of the objects.

Why is that important? Because we have learned from working with and observing countless traders create displays, that once they’ve created displays that work for them and provides the information they need to make their best trading decisions, the software becomes background—not foreground.

What do we mean by background? Background means the displays themselves are not the center of attraction. Their function is to display the trader’s required information in a manner that supports him or her in interpreting, understanding, and evaluating the information displayed as well as a factor in his or her decision-making process. If the software, ours or any other providers is the focal point, it is a distraction and something that diminishes the trader’s focus and attention to the critical tasks at hand, i.e., interpreting, understanding, evaluating, and deciding.

Thank you for all of your feedback, ideas, and suggestions as we consistently strive to fulfill our Purpose – “To develop software and provide support that makes a positive difference . . .”

The WindoTrader Team

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