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WindoTrader Subscriber Builds: Peter N. (NJ)

Today’s ‘build’ is from Peter, a former floor trader who is not only a very knowledgeable trader but also a trader very competent when it comes to trading software applications. He configured this display to support both his intra-day outright index trading as well as his longer-term options positions.

This is Pete’s chart and his comments about why this build is one of his primary trading displays.

“My screen is set up with longer time frames on the left and shorter timeframes on right. The center of my chart is my “go to” time frame. This is the focal point for my trade set ups. The left side is Context and gives me the bigger picture.

I use a summary bar of the overnight and previous session profiles to mark key reference zones. The right is Content and the trigger to execute entry and exit trades. I use candles and trade data values to see excess, accumulation, and exhaustion in the market.”

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