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WindoTrader Subscriber Builds: Scott H. (BC)

Today’s ‘build’ is from Scott, a broker in British Columbia. He primarily trades equities, indexes, and commodities. He is an experienced trader who proficient in fundamental and technical analysis as well as using the Market Profile to read the context and content of the contracts he trades. Depending on the contract or issue he’s trading, he also makes judgments regarding the timeframe of each contract or issue.

Scott, like many of our subscribers, is primarily a discretionary trader in that he uses analysis tools to help him interpret the market’s auction process but ultimately executes positions by synthesizing information and making informed decisions. This is one of Scott’s charts:

On this chart showing the e-mini S&P, Scott uses three session timespans as the basis of his configurations:

Session Timespan #1: The day pit session starting at 6:30AM and ending at 1:15PM (Pacific Time). Session objects: A collapsed Market Profile, 30 minute Candlesticks, and 30 minute TPO’s showing contract volume by the period,

Session Timespan #2: The overnight session starting at 1:30PM and ending at 6:30AM (Pacific Time). Session object: A Market Profile Summary Bar.

Session Timespan #3: The day pit session starting at AM and ending at 1:15PM (Pacific Time). Session object: A collapsed Market Profile.

Also, note that Scott colors his horizontal reference lines different colors so, at a glance, he knows where the market is trading in relation to an area he has qualified as important to him in his trading that specific contract.

Scott, by taking time to understand how to use WindoTrader and ‘build’ the displays that work for him, created what could be labeled a simple ‘build’ since few session objects are used, yet, knowing Scott and his experience as a trader, he has in our opinion, capitalized on WindoTrader to give himself both the contextual and the content information he requires to trade effectively and profitably.

Thank you for all of your feedback, ideas, and suggestions as we consistently strive to fulfill our Purpose – “To develop software and provide support that makes a positive difference . . .”

The WindoTrader Team

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