Market Profile Educators

A number of educators and service providers offers programs, newsletters, videos, and online trading rooms to help traders gain proficiency in using the Market Profile. The following listings are for educators and service providers who use and/or are familiar with WindoTrader’s functionality.


Because each educator / service provider is unique and offers different types of support, we recommend you exercise your own due diligence   to determine who can best support you in advancing your trading.

WindoTraderBLUE makes the market incredibly visual for me. It’s functionality and how easy it is to use and set up makes it invaluable. I would be lost without it. It gives you many different options to have as much or little as you would like on your screen.

"I depend upon WindoTraderBLUE's versatility in displaying volume for my short-term trading. The display enables me to track total volume on the far left and volume for the current 30 minute on the near left. Unlike most platforms, BLUE easily allows me to view actual contracts versus volume represented by a histogram. Using actual volume figures allows me to more easily compare one day to another, as well as the current time of day versus an earlier period in the day; this allows me to better sense when change is occurring. Additionally, it allows me to better discern where and when larger buying and selling levels are developing. Traders can add the histogram, but this is my preference. Their volume features are unparalleled in the industry. The visual display of BLUE is, in my opinion, by far the best in the business. Clean, easy to read, with multiple display settings to adjust for the user."

"As a professional trader for 30 years I would not make a trade without WindoTraderBLUE. As traders, we are always looking for an edge and WindoTrader provides me that edge. WindoTraderBLUE charts are as dynamic as any platform in the industry but its volume analytics that put it in a league of their own. The combination of the two offer serious traders the ability to interpret the market true personality." "The reason WindoTraderBLUE is such a superior product is that Terry and his team listen to the needs of their clients and provide support at the highest level." "I’ve tried many platforms over the years and without a doubt from the installation to questions regarding functionality, they are there."

"Trading futures without Market Profile is like driving blindfolded. WindoTraderBLUE is the best market profile software on the planet. Mic drop and full stop."

"I continue to preach profiling as an approach to trading as it arranges and organizes the only two auction indicators that absolutely every market participant (from institutions to retail traders) use to make decisions: price & volume. To make better trading decisions, each trader needs to be able to see opportunities in relation to these two inputs and no platform allows a trader to see opportunity better than WindoTraderBLUE. It helps me see what others can't see, giving me an edge in each and every trade."

As an educator, trader, software developer, and broker over the past 42 years, I seen most all of the software available for traders. When we decided to add Market Profile and volume charting to Photon, there was no doubt that WindoTrader was our application of choice due to its broad functionality plus great subscriber support.

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