WindoViews — Market Mastery Intensive:

JDaltonTrading Market Mastery Intensive:

On July 10th, JDalton Trading is launching a new S&P Market Mastery Intensive. This Intensive literally brings Jim’s teaching to life through real-time education. In this Intensive, covering 30 days, you’ll receive live commentaries, pre-opening reports, midday updates, post-market reviews, educational webinars, and engaging Q&A sessions.

To learn more about this special Intensive including the schedule detailing the different components, go here.

Feature of the Month: WindoTrader’s Replay Functionality.

When we use replay functionality and replay sessions with intent and focus, we have the opportunity to shorten the time significantly because of the applications ability to allow us to view numerous scenarios in a concentrated period of time versus 2 or 3 scenarios during the course of 6 or 7 hours (a normal trading day).

Other benefits of replay or simulation functionality include but are not limited to:

  • Distilling the market information that is available down to what is the right and essential information one requires.
  • Drilling specific skill sets such as: interpreting inter-market relationships, interpreting different object patterns, understanding different time-frame relationships (day, short term, intermediate, long-term), and the management of risk.
  • Practice sessions using real-market data from a previous session at a place of your choosing and a time that best supports your learning style.
  • The ability to refine either a component of your methodology or create an entirely new methodology including the ability to ‘test it on different contracts and/or timeframes.
    Study sessions focused on improving your ability to gain a deeper understanding of both market-generated information and the market’s auction process.
  • Practice sessions focused on gaining insight into and proficiency with the different features, functionality, and options related to the software.
  • An understanding of the mistakes and errors made, how they happened, why they happened, and what you need to do to minimize their re-occurrence.
  • Plus, plus, plus.

To learn more about how WindoTrader’s expanded replay / simulation functionality can benefit and potentially accelerate your learning process, go here and a WindoTrader Team member will contact you and answer your questions and/or provide a personalized ‘guided tour’ of this functionality.

Thank you for all of your feedback, ideas, and suggestions as we consistently strive to fulfill our Purpose – “To develop software and provide support that makes a positive difference . . .”

The WindoTrader Team

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