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Webinar: ‘Gain an Edge’ with WindoTrader. (Wednesday, July 26th at 1:30PM – Pacific):

Learn how WindoTrader can enhance your ability to identify, evaluate the importance of, and synthesize Market Profile Reference Points, Technical Analysis Support and Resistance, and Fundamental Analysis Price Levels as the basis for determining:

  • Static Key Decision Zones
  • Dynamic Key Decision Zones
  • Visual Key Decision Zones

Gaining an Edge from Errors and Mistakes

Several months ago Inc Magazine ran an article on the ‘Rules of Success’ wherein several entrepreneurs shared their beliefs about key factors that were instrumental in their success.

One rule I found extremely interesting was contributed by Arianna Huffington, co-founder of the Huffington Post, on failure:

“My mother used to call failure a stepping stone to success, as opposed to the opposite of success. When you frame failure that way, it changes dramatically what you’re willing to do, how you’re willing to invent, and the risks you’ll take”.

As traders, errors and mistakes can be costly, very costly, and in turn, can undermine our self-confidence. If left to continue spiraling downward unchecked, it could potentially end our career as a trader. They (our mistakes) are important, very important and our perspective about them as well as how we deal with them can have a significant impact on our overall success. In addition, many traders have an inherent fear of making an error or mistake due to the nature of trading based on the fact that each action is preceded by a decision and each decision is preceded by:

  • an observation
  • an orientation
  • your interpretation
  • your evaluation
  • your choice
    …with each of these actions subject to an error or mistake. That statement is based on the universal fact that no trader ever realizes winning trades 100% of the time. Read more.

“When we change the way we look at things—
The things we look at change.”
—Leonardo da Vinci

To learn how WindoTrader helps you SEE MORE and in turn, make BETTER trading decisions schedule a personal demo of WindoTrader based on your unique trading methodology, go here

Thank you for all of your feedback, ideas, and suggestions as we consistently strive to fulfill our Purpose – “To develop software and provide support that makes a positive difference . . .”

The WindoTrader Team

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