WindoViews — New Webinar Series

New Webinar Series: Beginning in September we will start a new ‘Gain an Edge with WindoTrader’ webinar series with titles such as:

  • Interpreting Market Profile Patterns and Shapes.
  • Market Profile Reference Points and Key Decision Zones.
  • WindoTrader personalized Session and Time Templates.
  • Plus many others. Keep tuned for our schedule.

Recent questions asked about WindoTrader:

“I’m a swing trader usually holding positions for anywhere from an hour to a couple of days. I also look at the market during what would be the Asian and European sessions and want to know if your software can show these sessions and the US session separately on the same chart?”

“I saw a WindoTrader chart with two Market Profiles, OHLC Bars, Candlesticks, and intraday Volume Profiles all for the same day, can your software really do that on one chart?”

“Can I customize different periods and/or days by time interval and color?”

“Can I configure different timeframes such as a day session, an overnight session, the previous week, and the previous month with different displays using a Market Profile on one session, a Candlestick for another, and a Volume Profile on yet another or, if I so decide, Volume Profiles on each whether a day session or intraday periods?”

“Is it possible to have different time intervals on the same chart such as a 60 minute, a 30 minute, and a 15 minute?”

“Can WindoTrader show Bid, Ask, and Bid-Ask Delta information? Can I see the actual volume of each at price real-time? Can a Market Profile be displayed as a volume profile?”

“Your Market Profiles look like they show TPO Value Areas and Points of Control. Can I have a TPO Profile and a Volume Profile on the same chart?”

“You have a chart on your website showing OHLC Bars inside of a Candlestick. Is that something I can setup myself?”

To see what WindoTrader can do for you, schedule a personalized ‘Guided Tour’ by going here.

Thank you for all of your feedback, ideas, and suggestions as we consistently strive to fulfill our Purpose – “To develop software and provide support that makes a positive difference . . .”

The WindoTrader Team

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