The Exceptional Trader Process is the current iteration of a concept I developed over the past four decades to help clients be entrepreneur, professional, or trader they’re truly capable of being.

It’s focus is exceptional performance.

My role is three-fold . . .

 First, I am a facilitator. I help clients clarify their best-fit roadmap for closing the gap between their currently state and desired future state.

Second, I am a performance coach. I help clients develop their best- their fit models for implementing, using, and refining their roadmap.

Third, I am support person. I support clients striving to . . .

  • Take control of their overall trading process,
  • Achieve the results they’re capable of achieving, and
  • Be the trader they’re capable of being.

The primary benefits of the Exceptional Trader are control of their trading process and performance, maximization of resources, and results.

My responsibility is to help them do, achieve, and be the trader they’re capable of being.

Individual process fees are determined after we mutually determine we’re a good fit  to work together and we understand your overall current state and the results you’re striving to achieve.

Since neither of us knows if our Exceptional Trader is right for you, If you’re interested in seeing if we’re a good fit, send me, Terry,  an e-mail at and we’ll schedule a mutually convenient time to talk.

Caveat: Our Exceptional Trader Process is not for most individuals who trade because actualized success is directly correlated to the ownership of the process taken by the client. Exceptional Trader Process requires significant investments of time, effort, and money. Clients who benefit most are those non-situationally committed to being the trader they know they’re capable of being — and committed to the changes they determine they need to make.


What Floyd Hagen says about Exceptional Trader . . .  “The work with Exceptional Trader takes us back to the source of where one’s trading business begins — ourselves. We learn how to create our own system based on who we are, where we are, and what we need to achieve our goals. Instead of burning through our resources hoping to find a system that fits us or at least one we may be able to adapt to ourselves; wouldn’t it be better to create our own?  One that fits our goals, our values, our vision, since we created it.”


What Paul Petrillo says about Exceptional Trader . . . “Through your process, I designed and own it, unlocking the power that is unique to me alone. This coupled with BLUE has given me a distinct advantage over all my competitors  in the marketplace. I am most grateful for your development of the one-on-one process, breaking things down into bite-size portions allowing just about anyone that is willing to  do the work and take ownership of it and build on it going forward. Your teams commitment to ongoing support is priceless in helping me continually build and refine my trading business.”  

To learn more about Exceptional Trader Process, let’s start with a phone call and, (1) answer your questions, and, (2) mutually determine if this process is right for you.

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