Floyd Hagen

“I have always had an evolving idea of where I wanted to go, but it was never anything more than a vague notion that I would follow as I went with the flow of life. I kept my eyes open and grabbed opportunities when they presented themselves, but I never had an actual plan to maximize them.

The ExceptionalTrader process sent me back to the beginning. I looked at my values for the first time. I focused in on my life’s vision for the first time. Instead of setting disjointed and random goals, and just doing “what feels right,” I set goals to lead me towards my vision. I learned new methods for creating and establishing goals. I learned how to evaluate my process towards those goals, and how to use completed goals to create new and higher goals. I finally have a map to get me where I want to go. It is my map. I created it.

I now own a business that has a real culture. We have a real vision based on our values with real goals to maximize those values. We have documented policies and procedures based on the Kaizen Principle. We have employees that are excited to be part of our company; who see the benefits of making sincere contributions to the company’s success. We are running circles around our competition. I cannot say none of this would have been possible without the work I did with ExceptionalTrader, but, without a doubt, I can say it has pushed us a lot further a lot faster than I could have imagined.

In addition to owning a small business, I’m building a trading business from the ground up using what I have learned with ExceptionalTrader. Before, I really had no direction to this venture. Once again, I had vague notions of what needed to be done, but not how to do it. Everything I read, watch, or hear about becoming a successful trader, says we have to find something that works for ourselves, but the ExceptionalTrader group process teaches me how to create my own system. There is a very important distinction that I need to make between finding and creating.

Whenever someone loses something, for example car keys, I like to tell them, “They’re in the last place you’ll look. Just go there first.” If we look at trading the same way, no wonder 90% of us fail. We can’t afford to look everywhere for a system that works for us. There are limitless opportunities and possibilities in trading. By the time we find a system that works, the game is over. We are out of cash and emotionally defeated. What if you could make your own keys?

The work with ExceptionalTrader takes us back to the source of where one’s trading business begins, ourselves. We learn how to create our own system based on who we are, where we are, and what we need to achieve our goals. Instead of burning through our resources hoping to find a system that fits us or at least one we may be able adapt to ourselves; wouldn’t it be better to create our own? One that fits our goals, our values, our vision, since we created it. Better doesn’t necessarily mean easier.

It was a lot of work building the structure, much, much more than I thought it would be, but throughout the whole process, the light at the end of the tunnel was shining brighter and brighter. Before, there was no light. There was no tunnel. Now, I have a structure and something to look towards, but I am nowhere near done. I won’t ever be finished. I want to keep improving, to keep moving the light down the tracks. I will use the tools I have from the ExceptionalTrader group meetings, one-on-one meetings, and the roundtables to relentlessly pursue and attain, the trail of goals leading to my vision. Then, when I reach my vision, and grab that light at the end of the tunnel, I will pick it up and heave it as far as I can.”

James Graham

“Prior to working with ExceptionalTrader, I had spent the majority of my professional, trading and personal life aimlessly going through life’s daily motions, rudderless without any clear direction on my life’s purpose, values, and beliefs.

The ExceptionalTrader process has addressed the above head-on, being the Game changer for all aspects of my life. The process helps you peel back the onion of yourself and to take a good, honest and detailed look in the mirror – warts and all. Facing up to the true facts helps you take FULL responsibility for your life’s journey.

For my trading journey, I had spent a considerable amount of time and money on technical analysis tools, software, and “guru” trading books, hoping that I could naively “copy” and adapt someone else’s trading methodology and call it my own. The ExceptionalTrader process has turned this thinking upside down and takes a refreshing, detailed iterative approach by providing a rich source of tools and information to help you define and OWN your:

  • Trading Skills – Time & Energy Management, Learning & Practicing (Market & Self Understanding), Information processing, decision making, and planning & scripting
  • Trading Culture – trading purpose, values, vision, goals, and beliefs.
  • Trading Structure – trading niche, business, process, and methodology
  • Trading Performance – trading support, habits & processes, and continuous improvement.”

Michael DenBleyker

“Whether you are a seasoned trader or newly attempting to navigate the trading business, working with ExceptionalTrader is an opportunity to discover things about yourself and your business that will enlighten you and may even surprise you.

Before I began to go through the assessment process, I had been working on my trading business on a seasonal basis for many years. I’d spent that time trying this and that methodology, this and that charting package, technical charting styles, indicators, various time frames, etc. etc., on and on. I read many of the popular books. I also tried trading someone else’s recommendations thinking I would learn something. (You know, the newsletter guys— the ones that do all the work and just tell you when and how to trade. Maybe I just had a run of bad newsletters but I’ve lost as much money trading someone else’s trades as I have in my own independent fumblings). I tried just about everything! What I didn’t understand or recognize back then was that I needed to learn to think for myself. The markets are big and unpredictable, unfamiliar entities that demand from us disciplines and skills we probably didn’t acquire in other life accomplishments. And they are approached from so many angles, methodologies, philosophies, and dimensions that finding your niche can be an extremely daunting task. This difficulty is amplified when we do not build our approach to the markets in harmony with who we are, how we think, and many other aspects of our personality. I have come to recognize that many traders, including myself, may be complicating an already difficult task by using methods and tools that are not congruent with who we are.

It is a huge accomplishment, and an important step forward in our trading journey, for us to find our own independent voice and build a trading business that is totally congruent with who we are. With this established, we are better equipped to sort through the sea of possibilities in the world of trading. There’s a lot of great instruction and advice out there. An earnest student can fill notebook after notebook with good ideas and wisdom learned from other traders. It can be overwhelming! What we must learn to ask is, “Is this bit of advice, wisdom, or trading knowledge good for ME?

ExceptionalTrader’s process well defined by its name. It is a process that helps us discover the basic starting points of our quest: who we are, what we believe, how we think, how to think, how we best function, how we best learn, what drives us, and who we want to align ourselves with as we go forward in our quest. It is a comprehensive assessment and discovery process at a fundamental level.

It is my opinion that working with ExceptionalTrader cannot be anything but beneficial to the trader who applies him or herself seriously to this process.”

Jonathan Greenfield

“The ExceptionalTrader process is a ‘Game Changer’ plain and simple, on so many levels. It’s a must for seasoned as well as beginning traders. Yes, the process pertains to trading. Yet it expands to many different and personal aspects pertaining to work, culture and beyond. The process is synonymous with achieving and living a successful life based on how you define it. That’s key. Some of the concepts were familiar to me based on past reading.

But literally by “doing the work” I’ve set something amazing in motion and created new positive habits – not only as a trader but also as a father, husband, and human being. I FINALLY know where I am going.

To be sure, working with ExceptionalTrader literally helped me to define my individual trading culture based on what works best for me, and what I personally identify with. I have reclaimed valuable time by having a set of focused rules and processes. But most importantly I believe I now know how to learn from my errors, and trade without getting caught up in the emotion. I have my rules and simply execute trades based on my rules and my own research. When I started out I expected to explore and define my trading culture and my anchor trades. What I didn’t expect was discovering what I believe is the basis of the process itself, and that is VISION.

I thought I knew why I chose to trade. But looking back at where I was I didn’t have a clue; I lacked a true “vision” uniquely defined by me. Coming to terms with this was the most powerful part of the process. It, in itself, is a ‘Game Changer.’ One cannot even begin to trade successfully unless he or she knows where they are going.
I believe I’m becoming a trader, not just acting like one. That’s the difference. I really believe I’m on my way to being one of the 3% who make it and last in this business. That belief would not be close to a reality had we not crossed paths.

I can’t help but recommend ExceptionalTrader to any trader, seasoned or brand new. Trading is about so much more than technical tools, systems and software. Working with the ExceptionalTrader team is a true reality check. And this process, if done honestly, will propel any trader toward their personal potential.”

Neri Lugo

“Terry, first, I’d like to thank you for your work. It’s been greatly inspirational to me to see what can be accomplished through having a deliberately structured process based off of a clearly defined personal culture. It’s been not just a gift but a blessing that will yield benefits to me for rest of my life and I am eternally grateful to you for sharing it with me.

Now, I’ve taken this past week to reflect on where I’m at, why I’m here and what my best options are going forward. Actually, the process has been going on for a bit longer but I specifically put everything else aside this past week and purely focused on my “Present Position”. And I’ve come to a couple definitive conclusions regarding my business/career priorities. They are as follows:

#1 My personal trading – This is by far the top priority to me from a business perspective. I love the process of trading. I’m deeply passionate about it. And if it’s not available to me then I’d rather move on to a completely different line of work within a different industry.

#2 My personal Market Profile subscription and education program – From the beginning, this was meant to augment my growth as a trader. It evolved into an opportunity to supplement my income while refining my trading skills. I believe in the value of the content I produce. I believe in the value of all the hard work I’ve put into the developmental process both past and continuing. I’m also keenly aware of the business growth opportunities that would be made available as a reflection of the promotion and sales of WindoTrader software.

#3 I love your platform. I think it’s hands down the finest Market Profile based software available. Everything about it is top notch and to me, that’s a direct reflection of the talent, hard work, and passion of the people running the company (yourself, Maril & Eric). Like your process program, I am very much aware of how much it has benefited me. As always I look forward to your perspective and advice.

Thank you again!”

Paul Movizzo

“My journey to trading full time brought me to Exceptional Trader at a critical point of self-assessment. I began the process roadmap with my vision of what trading means to me, and a course goal of broadening self-understanding to enable better market understanding. With all the information available on both topics, it is easy to lose your orientation of where and how to really begin a repeatable process that can build a resilient trading foundation.

ExceptionalTrader’s approach to codifying what time, energy, and money management are made me realize that I was not applying my strengths in a focused way. I quickly recognized I did not know how exactly how I process information to reach trading decision points. But going around the roadmap the first time enabled me to break down each component of my foundation, examine it, and refine it. Now I am back to square one with greater awareness of my strengths and how to manage weaknesses.

I enjoy working with Terry and Paul because they have your best interest as their number one priority. The quality time they spent to know who I am formed a valuable, productive, and enduring relationship that will enable my journey to success as a fulltime trader!”

Paul Petrillo

“Terry, I have been wanting to reach out to you for some time to simply thank you for all you have done for me and my family.

As I reflect back on my trading history I realize that it was not until our paths crossed and I was exposed to your counsel and training that I began to make tangible strides towards taking ownership of my trading and other areas of my life.

Prior to our relationship, I had jumped at every chance to throw money on a quick path to success in the hopes that it was really just that easy. Not only did you help introduce me to and give me an understanding of market profile along with tools to interpret the auction process, but more importantly you encouraged me to not settle for anything less than a trading plan and methodology that is mine aligned with my values.

Through your process, I designed it, and I own it, unlocking power that is unique to me alone. This coupled with Blue has given me a distinct advantage over all my competitors in the marketplace. I am most grateful for your development of the Square one process that takes the main components of your one on one process, breaking them down into bite size portions allowing just about anyone that is willing to do the work and take ownership of it and build on it going forward. Your teams commitment to ongoing support was and still is today priceless in helping me continually refine and build my business.

It goes without saying that Marilyn has had a significant influence on the culture of WindoTrader helping to attract team members such as Eric and Mark to name a few, as well as helping your clients pursue their own independence while being part of a trading culture that is much bigger than ourselves individually. A community that shares, collaborates, and encourages everyone to obtain their individual potential.

Please feel free to share this note with anyone who may be considering your offerings, and to anyone reading this in that position I would only say that becoming a master at anything is a journey, not just a decision. Much like a race, it needs to have a start, it needs to be run, but most importantly it needs to be finished. We are all good at starting races in life that’s the easy part, why not be part of a team that will see you through to YOUR finish?

Tina and I are grateful for your investment in us and Blessed to be able to have you in our lives as friends. We really are all in this together.”

Nicole Pritchard

“When I started trading, I was bombarded by methodologies, ideas, structures, and processes that I learned from some insightful people and also some not so insightful people. As I continued on my journey, I arranged my knowledge and beliefs about the market in an unconscious manner. That is to say, I didn’t know what I didn’t know and I wasn’t sure what information was the most valuable. I was always so busy trading, that I never looked in the mirror to see who I was. Additionally, I constantly struggled with confidence – so I would get in and out of trades. The worst was when I got scared out of winning trades and ended up losing money for the day- even though my analysis was correct. In spite of my faults, I am proud to say that I got to the point of being a breakeven/ slightly profitable trader. That said, I was still winging it, flowing up and down like the markets I study.

ExceptionalTrader’s process was the mirror that I needed. It opens your mind up to so many options that you didn’t even know about before; like seeing yourself wearing a yellow shirt, then holding up blue, purple and red shirts and saying, “you know I think I like blue better- it makes my eyes pop. Also, let’s make it boatneck and pair it with some skinny jeans, grey boots and so on because that would look good on me too.” You can only do that when you have a mirror and you actually take the time to see what you are wearing and what your options really are.

Engaging in the process has caused me to question everything that I do as a trader. From my cup of coffee in the morning to the type of trades I take during the session. I have stepped back from the tree and I am looking at the forest. I am mindful as to which tasks I accomplish and how they fit in my day. I know my strengths and weaknesses, where to heighten my focus and where to draw back.

Overall, I have gained the tools needed to increase my confidence as a trader, to grow and adapt in a mindful fashion and to steady myself in the midst of dizzying market activity. I have navigated who I am as a trader, what I value and where I am going. More importantly, I know what questions to ask myself as I continue to spur my own growth.”

Carl Rohsenberger

“Please allow this letter to serve as a summary of my positive thoughts regarding your ExceptionalTrader program, of which I have been a student since March, 2015.

Prior to starting my ExceptionalTrader development process, I was more or less an amalgam of many trading styles and strategies that I had learned and observed from others. Copying others was not working for me, and I was lost for a solution. ExceptionalTrader was the solution I was seeking. Specifically, here are the key features and benefits I have enjoyed:

– First, you are “all in” in supporting and educating, and personally committed to serving me. That’s huge.
– Establishing “why” I trade, and does it make sense for me.
– Establishing what works in trading, specifically with market profile, and correlating that with charting software.
– Discovering what trading strategies “work for me”, and keeping them very simple.
– Proper trading rules and risk management.
– Establishing my trading culture (how I do things), and taking personal ownership and responsibility for preserving it.
– Ongoing work with me on my trading psychology.

Bottom line is that the content of ExceptionalTrader is, itself, exceptional. Moreover, you all work very hard to meet and exceed expectations. Many people will benefit from ExceptionalTrader provided they have the internal fortitude to potentially undergo great change and improvement. Thanks for everything.”

Karl Sanda

“During my life, I have faced many challenges as everyone has, but I have always been a Lion charging forward and doing my very best to meet the oncoming foe and defeat it. I can easily superimpose my image over Muhammad Ali’s as he stood over Sonny Liston upon winning his first title. I can do the same on my level. These wins, draws or loses were all physical in nature. I walked on the field to win – period.

Over 20 years ago I decided that I wanted to trade. I did what most people that try to become a trader do, I failed. I lost money, it hurt, but I was more determined than ever. I knew that the Holy Grail existed, it does not, I was proved wrong again. It hurt. I lost more money. Luckily I was a hard worker in my business and made enough to stage a comeback.

During this test of will, I have never given up. Every time I was knocked down, I got up. Finally, I said, enough of this BS. I stopped trading and I started looking for better sources of knowledge. I found find Mark Douglas’s “TRADING IN THE ZONE”. Since reading it I have steadily increased my knowledge of what it really takes to run my trading business.

After many attempts to learn, I realized that if I was going to be successful, I had to find a way to learn what was going on inside those bars on my screen. Even if you shorten their duration to one minute, there is a minute of information that I was not allowed to see. I got lucky again and found Market Profile. I set out on my quest of MP knowledge. I found Jim Dalton and read his books and watched his webinars and the software he used.

This program was WindoTraderBlue. Still another challenge, the program was not taking new customers until they published their new version. I sent email after email and finally one day I received the response that changed the game. I was taken into the fold of a wonderful group of people that have a huge heart and a real commitment to helping their subscribers. I have learned so much but there is still another obstacle.

The Trading Plan, what a fearsome foe. My wall of resistance surrounded me. I am not proficient enough to do anything as difficult as to write a plan that will help me defeat the best and the brightest minds in the world. Terry believed that I could do this and that I was not any less intelligent than any of them. He invited me into his ExceptionalTrader group process. My world has been turned upside down. I did the work, it’s taken me hours every day, but slowly I have seen a change. My eyes and mind seem to have hooked up for possibly the first time.

I now have a plan, I am very proud to say. Something that I had feared for so long has emerged from MY mind. It will never be finished and it will only get better. I am no longer trying to trade anyone else’s plan, I am trading my own and I believe that I will succeed.

I coached football for 10 years. Every season with a fresh bunch of young men to teach how to defend themselves on the football field. I loved coaching, it was possibly the happiest period of my life. I think that I can say that Terry and the team must be feeling the same.

I am indebted to them and my Process classmates in this class. Thank you for this opportunity to express my thoughts.”

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