Black Box Theory: A Mindset of Preparedness

One of our clients sent us an article from the Small Craft Advisor magazine. We’re not boaters ourselves but believe this is absolutely applicable to traders, as well as, to boaters. “Some boats seem to be more seaworthy than others. They survive storms unscathed where others get into serious trouble.”

Is this just luck? No, it’s work.

Every boat has an invisible black box that stores Good-Luck points.

You earn a point every time you check the rigging before setting sail.

You earn points for taking a shore bearing after you’ve anchored.

Points pile up when you change the engine oil on time and buy new batteries for the GPS.

In short, every seaman like pre-caution you take, every little bit of maintenance or checking you do, especially on dark rainy nights when you’d rather be in your bunk, every bit of pre-planning on the chart, earns another point.

In times of stress, when you’re caught in a storm and you’ve done all you physically can, the points are cashed in as protection. You can’t control their withdrawal. They withdraw themselves as needed.

Boats that have no points in the black box will later be described as ‘unlucky’ and ‘unfortunate’.

But those with points to expend will survive the same conditions. The black box will take care of you. All you need to do is keep it topped up.

Until next time . . .

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