Learning Overview

Learning is NOT a luxury for traders. It is an essential skill for greater success. As you develop whole-brain thinking, the way you design your models and implement them can take you beyond what you have thought possible with your trading efforts. Synthesize intuitive and rational-brain thinking strengths.

Some of the articles we suggest you read are:

Learning – Who, What, Why – As you progress in developing your ‘right fit’ learning process, we suggest the next steps to consider are: who are you going to learn from and who will support you in your learning process, what you want to learn, and the why of your learning which becomes the motivation.

Thinking – How to, NOT What to – We primarily live in a ‘Rational-Brain’ Society. In business, as well as trading, we tend to focus on what are termed rational- brain thought processes – the bottom-line, the numbers, the metrics, and the results to name a few. This section is about Whole-Brain Thinking, the use of rational and intuitive attributes of the brain to advance our individual thinking processes.

Intuitive Thinking: Mind-Mapping – A Thought Visualizer – A mind map is a diagram that represents words, thoughts ideas, tasks and more. The map is arranged around a key idea and branches out wherever your thought process leads. Ideally, these maps will allow for groupings or clusters of like thoughts, so that the end result can be read as a literal ‘map” to the thought process that created it. This non-linear approach encourages brainstorming and free thinking, while still providing structure and focus.

Rational Thinking: Checklists – A ‘Thinking Road Map’ – A carefully designed, implemented, and consistently used checklist is one of the most effective, rational-brain ‘tools’ one can use to increase your understanding. Useful for managing a task, planning an event, making a decision, or trading the markets.

Learning Plans – In this article, we focus on the design of a learning / study plan that acknowledges your learning style, meets your availability requirements, and quantifiably supports you in achieving the outcome you seek—to the degree you fulfill your commitment to the process.

Learning Resources – As a supplement to your development of your Learning Process and Plan, we suggest you think about and explore the context of both education and learning as well as various principles and concepts related to learning.

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