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Topics for Thursday, June 25th, 2020 are:

Interpreting Information: Isolate, Correlate, Combine, Integrate, Invert, and Distill

Based on a number of requests from our webinar last month with Dan Gramza, we’re excited to have him back and follow-up our discussion on information. (To see a recording of that webinar, please go here).

This week we’ll be looking at a number of chart configurations and share what we see that’s obvious as well as not obvious. Case in point, how many times have you, during or after a session closed, made statements like:

  • “How did I miss that?”
  • “Why didn’t I see that as it was developing?”
  • “I saw it but didn’t act on it – why not?”

Well, we assume most have because we certainly have said something like that more than once during our combined sixty plus years of trading. And, if you have, we believe you’ll find what Dan and I talk about, interesting if not very helpful.

Caveat: We don’t have the answer for you not doing it again, but, what we can offer are things for you to think about as you go forward in interpreting and understanding market information.

So, if interpreting market information is interesting to you, join us on Thursday, June 25th, 2020 at 1:30 PM (Pacific) for a webinar. Our focus will be on various types of interpretation and the edges they can potentially give you when it comes to making better trading decisions.

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