A multi-stage process for WindoTraderBLUE Subscribers striving to control their trading and be the trader they’re capable of being.

Why Trading2Trader?

Most who trade focus primarily on the activity of trading and themselves as traders secondarily. In doing so, they miss giving themselves a proven, tangible edge.

“The work with ExceptionalTrader takes us back to the source of where one’s trading business begins, ourselves. We learn how to create our own system based on who we are, where we are, and what we need to achieve our goals. Instead of burning through our resources hoping to find a system that fits us or at least one we may be able to adapt to ourselves; wouldn’t it be better to create our own? One that fits our goals, our values, our vision, since we created it.”

Why Trading2Trader Works

It works because our clients take control of and . . .

  • Clarify and adhere to their true trading purpose and principles.
  • Sharpen and capitalize on the core trader skills that amplify their performance.
  • Create and evolve the personalized structures and systems that govern their performance.

“Through your process, I designed it, and I own it, unlocking the power that is unique to me alone. This coupled with BLUE has given me a distinct advantage over all my competitors in the marketplace. I am most grateful for your development of the one-on-one process, breaking things down into bite-size portions allowing just about anyone that is willing to do the work and take ownership of it and build on it going forward. Your teams commitment to ongoing support was and still is today priceless in helping me continually refine and build my business.”

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