Trader Performance

Earning the Right to Succeed

“Earning the right is your responsibility yet always a choice.” —Gerry Gallop In follow-up to our most recent Trading2Trader Group Process, a participant called me regarding a presentation I did on ‘earning the right.’ Her request was for ideas on how to incorporate the concept in the trading plan she was drafting. Before I share

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Little Things—Big Differences!

So often it’s the little things that matter in the end. Are you paying attention to them? “Little things make big things happen.” —John Wooden. A few weeks ago, I delivered a webinar on WindoTraderBLUE and several primary market profile patterns. My goal was to illustrate the relationship between context, content and condition. A short time later,

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Choke by Sian Beilock

Learn about a potential missing link to your performance issues. Why was it that what you did…did not work. A lesson in how not to lose it under stressful trading conditions. Some of our clients’ stories reflect the lessons from this book. One of the most interesting aspects of the work we do with clients

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Oops! Gaining an Edge from Errors and Mistakes

Several months ago Inc Magazine ran an article on the ‘Rules of Success’ wherein several entrepreneurs shared their beliefs about key factors instrumental to their own. Have you identified your ‘rules for success?’ Do you have a rule for when you make a mistake? One rule I found extremely interesting was contributed by Arianna Huffington,

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Little Bets by Peter Sims

Little Bets is one of my favorite books because of its important message on how to ‘get better’ through learning and practice. Find out how others discover, develop and test an idea to gain expertise. One story Sims shares is about Chris Rock and his process for developing new material coupled with refining the delivery

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Jiro: A True Master

“If one is master of one thing and understands one thing well, one has at the same time, insight into and understanding of many things”—Vincent Van Gogh. Jiro Dreams of Sushi is a 2011, American documentary film, directed by David Gelb, and suggested for your viewing. Available on  Netflix.   Jiro Dreams of Sushi is

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Joe Namath: Exceptional Performer

In an article by Jenny Vrentas entitled, “Talking Football,” Vrentas highlights her interview with insightful comments from exceptional performer and former NFL quarterback, Joe Namath. She began by asking Namath about Super Bowl XLIX—specifically regarding Tom Brady’s performance. Namath, thinking back to Otto Graham who played for the Cleveland Browns in the 1950’s, said, “He is

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Tom Brady: Exceptional Performer

In my interactions with clients, I’ve found that the same questions get asked. For example, “What do your most successful clients do to ensure success?” Obviously, there are a number of possible answers to this question. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be taking a look at top performers from various fields and highlighting attributes that

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Sam Walton: Exceptional Performer

Wal-Mart’s recently built store in a community about ten miles east of us became a topic of controversy for many. Curious about the company’s founder, I read, Sam Walton: Made in America. No matter what you may think about Wal-Mart, there are lessons to be learned from exceptional performer, Sam Walton. Note: This article is

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Pete Maravich: Exceptional Performer

‘Pistol’ Pete Maravich was an exceptional performer at Louisiana State University in the ’60’s before he ever joined the Atlanta Hawks. What made him an exceptional performer? In a previous article I highlighted Joe Namath and his stellar performance as quarterback of the New York Jets in the 1960’s. In this article, I going to

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Football and Trading—There’s a Lesson In Everything (Part 2)

The coaches of Super Bowl 50 apply experience and strategies towards making their players highly accomplished, wanting them to win the championship. Check out some of the key points. Last week we reviewed several articles from the Wall Street Journal. These articles focus on the path to the Super Bowl, and the strategies that coaches

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Football and Trading: There’s a Lesson In Everything (Part 1)

Over the past few weeks, The Wall Street Journal published several articles on football, beginning with the playoffs as teams started the process of optimizing their lineups. We can find and increase our trading wisdom from many different sources, including football. As a firm believer that we should glean wisdom from every possible source, I’m

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