Trader's Principles

Black Box Theory: A Mindset of Preparedness

One of our clients sent us an article from the Small Craft Advisor magazine. We’re not boaters ourselves but believe this is absolutely applicable to traders, as well as, to boaters. “Some boats seem to be more seaworthy than others. They survive storms unscathed where others get into serious trouble.” Is this just luck? No,

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Values and Values Clarification

Your trading goes up and down. You repeat mistakes you already know are mistakes. You over-trade even though you had set a limit. You know the value of preparation, but don’t prepare. You know the benefit of practice, but don’t practice. For some, the ‘cure’ for these types of issues rests with a qualified therapist.

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The Power of Full Engagement by Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz

The authors of The Power of Full Engagement tell us that, “Energy, not time, is our most precious resource.” They offer help to stressed individuals, referencing athletic-coaching programs, so they can learn ways to recover and create a life-balance based on the principle of active engagement. (Chapter 1’s Title). Jim Loehr is one of the

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The Answer is in the Question

During a client call the other day, our conversation got sidetracked as we started talking about the upcoming NFL season and the pre-season games. Ted’s a die-hard fan who knows the rules and understands a lot of the finer points related to strategies including how teams use time to give themselves an edge, and the

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Amateur, Professional, or Master

Most are amateurs, some are professionals, and few are masters. Where are you now, and where are you headed? The choice is in your hands. Using the Pareto Principle as a basis for this calculation since it has been proven to be valid in countless studies for the majority of the participants in sports, business,

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Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl

In his book, Dr. Frankl, the father of Logotherapy, shares about his experience during WWII as a prisoner in concentration camps; an experience that underscores the role and importance of one’s attitude. As a result, most of us might want to consider the benefit of an attitude adjustment! Please read the following quotation from his

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Mastery and Culture

Mastery has everything to do with your unique culture, aligned with your unique values, and is more important than you may have imagined. In any given situation, you can act consistently congruent with your values. The way we define culture is: “It’s how and why we do what we do.” We begin with two definitions

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The Trader’s Dilemma: Trading vs. Trader vs. Mastery

Do you know what it takes to become a master trader? There is a proven path to this often elusive goal. A while back, when working with a client in a strategy session, he asked me what I thought it took to be a ‘master trader.’ My answer, several short stories about past and current

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