The Power of Full Engagement by Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz

The authors of The Power of Full Engagement tell us that, “Energy, not time, is our most precious resource.” They offer help to stressed individuals, referencing athletic-coaching programs, so they can learn ways to recover and create a life-balance based on the principle of active engagement.

(Chapter 1’s Title). Jim Loehr is one of the founders of the Human Performance Institute in Orlando, FL. The focus of their work is best summarized here on their website in the comparison of the old paradigm versus the new paradigm.

We choose not to elaborate on their key points because reading not only the points made but the way they are presented supports the reader in personalizing the points.

Recommended reading is based on the five key take-aways of:

What’s really important – time or energy? Their answer – energy, what we invest in the time, is the most determinant factor.

Sprints accompanied by recovery are more productive than marathons. Learning how to expend energy coupled with scheduled periods of recovery yield significant results.

The typical maximum duration for sustained focus and execution is approximately 90 minutes followed by a deliberate ‘change of focus’ re-energizing session.

Stress, consciously managed and used, is a positive factor in the generation of the energy required for performance.

Thought-out and planned routines and rituals for eating, exercising, and resting are proven factors in increasing one’s performance capabilities.

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