I can only see X number of days on the chart and no more

If you are not seeing as much data on your chart as you are expecting, it will either because your chart is not configured correctly to show the correct amount of data, or, that the symbol you are using does not have data beyond a certain point from your data vendor, either because of the lack of data, or account restrictions.

Data within a WindoTraderBLUE chart is restricted in two ways.

First, in Chart Settings, accessed either via the right click context menu or from the yellow gear on the symbol console, there is a setting “Max Days to Load” – this setting exists to prevent you from accidentally pulling up sufficient data to exhaust your systems resources and degrade application performance.  By default, this is set to 14, meaning the maximum days you can expect to see would be two weeks.

You can set this to any number you wish, but be aware, each day loaded consumes quite a bit of memory, so increase this within reason based on your systems specs and performance.

Second, each Session Template on on a chart has a Date Range drop down, that allows you to specify for which days relative to the current day that template should show data.  These options are Today, Yesterday, This Week, This Month and Everything Else.  For instance, if you only have Today, Yesterday and This Week selected, you would only see a maximum of 7 days on your chart.

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