WindoTrader prices aren’t matching another applications prices

WindoTrader reports and displays realtime prices exactly as they are delivered from the data vendor.  There can be many reasons why the current prices you are seeing may not appear (correctly or not) to match that of another application.

Some reasons why the prices may not match or appear to match:

1 – You are using different data feeds for the different applications

2 – The symbols between the applications are for different instruments

3 – For one of the applications data vendor, you may not be permissioned correctly for a realtime data feed, and thus may be seeing a delayed feed giving you prices as old as 10-15 minutes in the past.  You would need to contact your data vendor to see if your account is set up correctly.

4 – You may be using a price interval in WindoTraderBLUE which is rounding prices to something other than the actual price.

5 – Your Session Template stop time for the day you are viewing may be set to close at a time other than you are expecting, resulting in close prices that seem to be inaccurate

6 – Your data feed may be having technical issues resulting in latency – you would need to check with your data vendor to see if there are any issues

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