WindoTraderBLUE ‘ROI’ Process

Most traders acquire a trading software application to help them . . .

  • Interpreting and understanding market participant activity on a multi-timeframe basis.
  • Assessing and prioritizing market and participant behavior at different price levels, and
  • Synthesizing information that help them make their best-fit, informed, trading decisions.

Yet, many fail to gain the most return on the time, energy, and money investments they make in it.

At WindoTrader, we believe we have two responsibilities when it comes to our software . . .

First, to develop and support software that helps subscribers make higher-probability, trading decisions.

Second, to provide advanced learning and support options for those subscribers striving to . . .

  • Better understand BLUE’s capabilities and how to personalize them.
  • Increase the results they derive from their unique trading process,
  • Achieve the trading goals they’ve set and are capable of achieving, and
  • Gain the most return on the time, energy, and money that they invest in BLUE,

Therefore, beyond our expansive on-boarding process and support channels, we created WindoTraderBLUE ‘ROI’ Process’s to help personalize their charts in ways that help them . . .

  • Enhance their ability to interpret past, current and developing market activity,
  • Identify potential areas for execution as the prior to and as a session unfolds.
  • Clarify what’s relevant, important, and supportive of their trading process,
  • Make higher-probability, informed trading choices and decisions, and
  • Convert their WindoTraderBLUE subscription from an expense to an ongoing investment.


WindoTraderBLUE ‘ROI’ Process best serve’s subscribers who conceptually understand BLUE’s basic functionality and the core concepts of the Market Profile and Trade Volume.

WindoTraderBLUE ‘ROI” Process is not about developing, or refining trading processes or trading methodologies.

WindoTraderBLUE ‘ROI’ Process is a four week, online, interactive process comprised of facilitated model design and refinement meetings, self-study work assignments, configuration exercises, and support. The fee for our WindoTraderBLUE ‘ROI’ Process is $950.00

To learn more about our WindoTraderBLUE ‘ROI’ Process or determine if it’s right for you, please click the button below and schedule a call.


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