Core Trader Skills

A Whole New Mind by Daniel Pink

“The two hemispheres of our brain don’t operate as on-off switches— one powering down as soon as the other starts lighting up. Both halves play a role in nearly everything we do.”—Daniel Pink. You are better informed while making decisions that matter in your trading practice when you resource both your logical AND intuitive brains.

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Decisions. Decisions. Decisions.

As traders, we spend more time making decisions than we do trading! Though it’s natural to take decision-making for granted, problem-solving and decision-making are processes that we can optimize. Why is it that only a few traders invest significant amounts of time learning how to increase their skills in this area? Having worked with traders

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Flash Foresight by Daniel Burrus

In his latest book, Flash Foresight, Burrus defines the essence of his book’s title, as a “sudden burst of insight about the future that produces a new and radically different way of doing something that will open up invisible opportunities and solve seemingly impossible problems before they happen.” His client list includes Microsoft to American

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The Art of Learning by Josh Waitzkin

The author references chess while sharing his thoughts on performance: “A chess student must initially become immersed in the fundamentals in order to have any potential to reach a high level of skill. He or she will learn the principles of endgame, middle game, and opening play. Initially one or two critical themes will be

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Learning Overview

Learning is NOT a luxury for traders. It is an essential skill for greater success. As you develop whole-brain thinking, the way you design your models and implement them can take you beyond what you have thought possible with your trading efforts. Synthesize intuitive and rational-brain thinking strengths. Some of the articles we suggest you

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Mastery and Learning

Mastery takes a willingness to learn. Are you a life-long learner? Are you able to focus your attention on becoming a master trader? Today it seems like you can hardly pick up a newspaper or a magazine without reading about the educational system in the United States including our ranking worldwide someplace between 15th and

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Learning Resources

A commitment to gather resources and expand your trading knowledge-base can augment your skills, help develop your values, impart important insights, and increase your ability to prioritize and synthesize all you’ve been learning. To set the context for this article, we’ll begin by quoting definitions from Wikipedia for both learning and education as well as

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Learning Plans

Design and use learning plans as a learning tool to help accelerate your study efforts. Find what works for you. In this article we highlight several factors important to creating and managing one’s learning process. For illustrative purpose, we’ll use Kenny, a new trader, and the steps he created for gaining the most from his

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Rational Thinking: Checklists

Rational thinking helps you understand the value of tracking. You can keep track of what you need to do and when you need to it for the best chance of achieving the success you seek. Here is a story about rational thinking that we hope you will appreciate. Have you ever seen 14 pieces of

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Mind Maps and Mind-Mapping

In 1967 I took a course on “how successful people think.” The instructor used the analogy of a tree with branches to share with us what he used to solve problems and make decisions. To say the least, I was blown away by the concept; I still use it multiple times a day in one

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Thinking: How to Think—NOT What to Think

You can increase your effectiveness as a trader by expanding your skills in HOW to think, not just WHAT to think about. Discover the several different types of structured-learning processes you can choose from. In 2001, WindoTrader Corporation (our software development company) began offering WindoTrader, a Market Profile based software application. At the same time,

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Learning: Why, What, and Who

Control and manage your perpetual learning journey as a trader: WHY? Because learning plays a major role in your success. WHAT? Because knowing ‘what to learn’ is essential to achieving success. WHO? Because who we learn from and with is key. In this article we’ll focus on three areas of your learning journey as a

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